Thermo Container


Not only does it keep your meals at the perfect temperature, but this container also knows how to make an entrance. Its bold and colorful design demands attention, turning heads and inspiring envy at every lunch table. Prepare to be the envy of your friends as you strut into the office or picnic spot with the most eye-catching container in town.

Special Features

Ergonomic Design
Keeps Warm and Cold
Polyurethane Insulation
Stainless Steel Inner
FDA Approved
BPA Free



Gift Sets

Gift Set Capacities
Set of 3 400ml, 600ml, 1200ml
Set of 3 600ml, 1200ml, 2500ml
Set of 3 1200ml, 2500ml, 3500ml
Set of 4 400ml, 600ml, 1200ml, 2500ml
Set of 4 600ml, 1200ml, 2500ml, 3500ml
Set of 5 400ml, 600ml, 1200ml, 2500ml, 3500ml

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